About Keiana Lodge Alpaca Farm

At Keiana Lodge Alpaca farm, we have a herd of over 700 alpacas and we also specialise in sheep and cattle.

My husband, Keith, and I run this family business with our son, Andrew, his wife, Audrey, and their children Dylan and Jaiden. We work together as a family to look after the 2000 acre land that always demands extensive attention.

We are situated approximately 1100 metres above sea level, and about 70 kms from either, Mudgee, Lithgow or Bathurst.

The area is very well suited to breeding alpacas.

We are breeding a commercial herd of black Suris ( the dreadlock type fleece) and Huacayas (has similar fleece to sheep), although we do breed all colours.

Alpaca fleece is a lot softer than a sheep's, and since there are so many natural colours, it means that only the white and light fawn fleece needs to be dyed.

They have very little lanoline in their fleece and therefore take up natural dyes, unlike sheep that need chemical dyes.

They are also much better on the environment than other animals as they have soft padded feet and they leave no trail in the paddocks, their faeces are in piles and they do not need mulesing.

The male alpacas that have been wethered make great guards for chickens, goats, cattle, pigs and sheep as foxes and birds of prey are common to their natural environment and an alpacas instinct is to chase them away.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or wish to visit us (by appointment only).

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